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“The Respect Experiment presents a timely mandate for how to live a richer, more satisfying life based on a foundation of mutual respect A catalyst for self-growth, this book asks the hard questions and inspires us to take a deep dive into the way we engage in our lives.”

Caterina Rando, Master Certified Coach

CEO/Owner, Thriving Women in Business

“Once I started reading, I didn’t want to stop. Sue Bonzell provides readers with a motivating and simple path to respect yourself and be the very best version of YOU!”

Bev Adamo

CEO/Owner, Wild & Wise Enterprises, Inc.

The Respect Experiment

Would you like a happier life with less drama? Do you want to be a better role model for your children? Could you be happier in your job? If you’re ready to create positive changes in your life, it’s time for more respect! How you show up every day, how you interact with others — and yourself — makes a profound difference in the quality of your life.

In this book, Author Sue Bonzell presents a call to action: 10 steps in 21 days to help raise awareness of respect and disrespect and illuminate opportunities for change. Thought-provoking, engaging, humorous, and insightful, The Respect Experiment shows you how to overcome hurdles and enjoy a more fulfilling life and healthier relationships.

“Not a book to be overlooked! Though this book might look like a self-help read, it’s a surprisingly enjoyable page-turner as Sue shares some raw, honest, and funny personal experiences on her journey to achieve her number one core value — respect. Becoming aware is the first step toward maximizing our own potential, and Sue Bonzell shows us how.”

Jeannie Piper Calverley, MA

St. Joseph Health Systems

“A MUST READ for every woman – and every girl becoming a woman – around the world. Wild and Wise Women Around the World is like the most delicious buffet that you can continue to nibble on over and over again. Taking big bites or small, each one is filled with truth, raw emotion, authenticity, humor, sadness, joy and so much more. In today’s world, this book is a triumph. I encourage you to have many copies on hand, I know I will. This book is my go-to gift – perfect for grandmothers and mothers, daughters and granddaughters, sisters and soul-sisters – reminding every wild and wise woman in our lives of two key takeaways from these pages. You are not alone, and you are loved. I do believe we can all use more of that, and this book delivers it.”

Christa Thompson

Founder, Wild and Wise Women

Wild and Wise Women Around the World

Prepare to have your heart opened, restored, and set on fire to take the inspired actions your life is presenting to you.

Imagine a book that contains the heartache, tragedies, and triumphs of ten lifetimes–the inspiring journeys that ten Wild and Wise(R) Women have taken to capture the Feminine Fire that catapulted them into their current extraordinary lives. This IS that book. Through these soul-full stories, you will discover and remember who YOU are and find the courage, as these women have, to live your unique and purposeful life. If you have felt hopeless, lost, overwhelmed, victimized, or any number of heart-wrenching emotions, you are invited to open this book and read the incredible stories within. It’s time to live your life in the Spirit shared by these amazing women. You deserve it!