Top 10 Ways to Pivot Your Business During Trying Times

I’m just so sad to see our local businesses struggling right now. Since I work with lots of businesses who are needing to pivot a bit to stay afloat and get through this mess…here are my Top 10 Ways to Pivot Your Business During Trying Times:
1. Start doing video – Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram. Let people know what you are doing, changing, and offering right now. And then do it again, because it will change as it needs to while we move through this situation. (My friend Ryan has great videos with advice)
2. If you don’t have an online store….get one! People need to order stuff, so give them a reason to order it from your LOCAL business, rather than Amazon or other online stores. Have things available that relate to the niche in your business, so it would make sense for them to order those things from you. Lots of wholesalers offer drop shipping to make it easy to offer products.(Some good tips here, but keep it simple)
3. Keep in touch with your customers and clients! Call them, email them, send them a card in the mail! People want to know that you actually care. (Ask me how you can easily send cards in the mail from your phone while lying in bed – no joke!)
4. Offer to do things/products for free or reduced cost. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but this builds trust, which we need a lot more of, and more business comes to those we can trust. People will remember what you have done in times of need.
how to pivot your business5. Become the expert in your field RIGHT NOW. Pick a niche of your business and own it like no one else can! Rather than “doing it all/offering it all,” focus on one thing. This is going to help you retain customers and find new loyal ones. (More about niche marketing for new businesses – because we are all gonna be “new” after this.)
6. With the “extra” time you have been given, start working on marketing plans. Consult with others in your area of expertise or marketing people and brainstorm ideas. Find creativity wherever you can! (I just created a new group for those interested in doing some mastermind work on their businesses)
7. Be active on Social Media, but don’t post things you don’t know, especially about the virus! People are brutal on social media. (Trust me, I know!)
8. Have a sense of humor. It’s serious, but we all need some levity. (So, a guy walks into a bar….oh wait, they’re all closed.)
9. Take care of yourself. Seriously…drink more water, get lots of rest, exercise, during the day – remember to breathe…deeply, reduce stress (meditation works), eat good foods and smile dammit!
10. And lastly, please Wash Your Hands!
If you need assistance with marketing planning and ways to pivot your business…please let me know. I am happy to help! (I am a marketing consultant with Bonzell Media)
Happy St. Patty's Day
Oh and Happy St. Patty’s Day!